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  • Permission is not granted to re-distribute this application from other web sites or media.
  • EasySearch works with EasyWorship 2007 and 2009.
  • EasySearch was written for Windows XP and mostly works on later versions of Windows but may require some additional manual setup (see Using EasySearch on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 for more information).   It will also only work on Java versions up to JRE 1.7.  V4.3 now bundles a suitable JRE.


Read the Help for EasySearch here

Version History

  • V4.3: Bundles JRE 1.7 as JRE 1.8 dropped support for database access.
  • V4.2: Fixed profile selection for Windows 7/8
  • V4.1: Export all database files with Database > Export (but not resources)
  • V4.0: Added database export and auto-update facilities. Removed CCLI reporting as the database is now encrypted.
  • V3.0: Added song export, database updating and better profile handling. Full details here
  • V2.2: 'Go to' button. Fix to profiles
  • V2.0: CCL Reporting (UK Users), Database copied when EasyWorship running.
  • V1.3: Added Publisher and Song Number to Export. Finds profiles in the EasyWorship Profile folder and also parent folder.
  • V1.2: Fixed problem of search failing when database had no key information.
  • V1.1: Understands EasyWorship Profiles